Azhar & Wong specializes in two areas of practice: conveyancing and civil litigation.


Mr Ivan Wong regularly undertake conveyancing works with dedicated teams to serve their clients’ needs. This includes the usual loans and sub-sale transactions for both corporate and consumer markets.


Beyond the principal area of conveyancing works, Ivan Wong has experience in corporate matters and often provides consultation to corporations on various matters.


Our Mr Robin Lim is in charge of all litigation matters in the firm and he advises and represents clients across the range of banking, commercial and insurance related law. His main portfolio would be recovery work for bank for which he has built up several litigation teams to serve various banks. Such recovery work involves civil, foreclosure and also bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings. Counsel work is also undertaken by our Mr Robin Lim in arbitration and insurance related matters.


Our Ms Fariza Sanusi was made a partner in February 2010 having been with the firm for 7 years doing litigation matters and in particular recovery work for banks. She is also a Syarie counsel for Wilayah Persekutuan.